7 EASY Ways To Make Money Working From Home

If you want to work from home and make some extra or serious income then this is for you.   No need for experience or skills.  Anyone, and I mean you can start making money online super fast.  If you have the desire to want more, then pick one of these 7 EASY Ways To Make Money Working From Home.

1. Freelance Writing – There is a big demand for people to work from home and write content for a business or individual. You can write for blogs, ebook, or even articles for guest posting. This is something you could be at home and make money online.

Here are a few places to get freelance writing work



2. Testing Websites – Programmers and website owners need your help to test what is working and what is NOT working. You can work at home testing these websites. All you need is a PC and a headset with a microphone. Download a screen recording software (they supply this). Then use it to test the website. Simple and you can make some extra side money online.

Here are a few sites that pay you to test websites to work from home



3. Selling Your Photos – Stock photo websites are always looking for great content with photos and videos. Do you have a smartphone? Well these days all smartphones have a great camera so you can be out on the town and take great looking photos. This is one of the easy ways to make money online. Upload your photos and earn money when someone buys your photos.

Here is a great website to help you get started.

Adobe stock photos

4. Social Media Manager – Do you know how to use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Well then you can work at home helping a local business with there social media marketing. If you want to work from home all ya have to do is post on a regular basis for the company and they will then give you income for simple task online. You can either post your job skills online or start calling local business owners.

Here is a great site to post your social media skills



5. Pet Sitting – Now you might be used to babysitting for other children, but you can actually be come a pet sitter. I like this much better because you don’t have to deal with all the laws for actual babysitting work. If you love pets and want to work from home, then watching your favorite pet will help you make some extra money.

Here is a pet sitting website to get you started.


6. Sell Your Courses – Do you have some skills and can show people on video? Then you can work from home and make easy money with your online courses. But just having a great course will not guarantee you make money. That is why I recommend you sticking with the online services that help you promote your course online.

Here is a great site to get your course up and running.


7. Start A Youtube Channel – This is my favorite way to make money online. Its passive and you can work anywhere in the world you want. Take you smartphone with a video camera and you are in business. My channel will make $3,000 + each month just from showing ads. And there are many other ways to make money online with your youtube channel. All you need is a free gmail account and you can start your youtube channel.



So there ya go, 7 EASY Ways To Make Money Working From Home that you can start today!

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