5 Tips to Look Good on Zoom and Webcam Videos

As a professional, you want to put your best foot forward when meeting with clients or prospects virtually. Whether it’s over Zoom, Skype or another platform, here are five tips from the experts on how to look good on webcam videos.

In the age of social distancing, many of us are relying on video conferencing to stay connected with our loved ones, colleagues and clients. While this technology has made it possible for us to stay connected during this time of isolation, it also comes with its own set of challenges – namely, how to look good on webcam videos!

From bad lighting to awkward camera angles, there are a number of factors that can make even the most camera-savvy person look less than their best on webcam video calls. But don’t despair – there are a few simple tricks that can help you look great on your next Zoom call or Skype session. Read on for our top 5 tips for looking good on webcam videos.

1) Invest in some good lighting

One of the biggest challenges of looking good on webcam videos is finding the right lighting. If you’re using your built-in laptop camera, chances are the light is coming from behind you, which can cast unflattering shadows on your face. The solution? Invest in a good quality light that you can place in front of you to brighten up your face. We recommend the Ring Light with Stand by Ubeeqo, which is specifically designed for use with webcams and laptops. It’s battery operated so you can use it anywhere, and comes with a handy phone holder so you can easily take calls hands-free.

2) Get creative with your backdrop

Your home office might not be as Insta-worthy as you’d like, but there’s no need to worry – you can easily create an attractive backdrop with a few simple items. A plain white wall makes for a great blank canvas that you can dress up with some plants or artwork; alternatively, if you have a green thumb (or even just a brown one!) try hanging a lush green plant behind you to add some life to your space. For something a little more fun and festive, try hanging some streamers or fairy lights around your frame. Just make sure whatever you choose isn’t too busy or distracts users watching. And remember, the focus should be on YOU, not your surroundings!

3) Pay attention to what you wear

While it might be tempting to throw on whatever is comfortable when working from home, it pays to put thought into what you wear for webcam calls. After all, first impressions count! Opt for solid colors rather than patterns as they tend to be more flattering on camera, and avoid anything too loose or baggy as it can appear unprofessional. If you’re not sure what colors work well on camera, take cues from TV presenters and actors – they always looks polished and put-together thanks to their stylists!

4) Find the right angle

It can be tempting to position your laptop so that the camera is at eye level, but this often leads to an unflattering angle that makes your forehead appear larger than it is. Instead, try propping up your laptop on some books or boxes so that the camera is slightly above eye level – this will help elongate your neck and give your face a more flattering shape.

5) Check your audio

There’s nothing worse than trying to hold a conversation over bad audio quality, so make sure you test your microphone and speakers before getting started. If possible, plug in an external microphone for better sound quality; alternatively, try using headphones if background noise is an issue. And if all else fails… mute yourself! Nobody likes hearing themselves talk, so hit the mute button when you’re not speaking to avoid any awkward pauses in conversation.


By following these simple tips, you can rest assured that you’ll look good on your next web cam call or video conference meeting. So go ahead and put your best foot forward – after all, first impressions count!

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